I am a fishing enthusiast from my childhood days and was very much crazy about the sport. I enjoy sports fishing a lot since it offers a thrilling experience. Sports fishing gave me an opportunity to visit the exotic waters for a great fishing experience. I was eyeing for Prince Rupert that has many a fishing charters to give thrilling fishing experience. I tried my best to approach reliable fishing guide and charter. My friends told me that to have the best fishing experience I have to look for a fishing charter and guide. Although some prefer to catch fishes like Halibut and Salmon, I was eyeing for something different. I am more interested in snapper and lingcod. Here in Prince Rupert, one can find the most exotic breeds of fishes, and so I chose this destination. Fishes that serve as bait for larger fishes like humpback whale and Orca may be found in plenty. By booking the charter I had the chance of seeing aquatic animals and could catch trophy fishes. I had a wonderful fishing experience here.

Trophy salmon is native to Prince Rupert. I caught a lot many Trophy fishes by booking a charter. Being a beginner in angling, I wasn’t aware of the items and accessories required for fishing. The charter company and the fishing guide made sure I had all the necessary items. I did considerable researchers to come across experienced and reliable charter guides. Hence, I could do fishing conveniently, easily and within my budget. I took a fishing package which included accommodation, food, and lodging. I have booked a charter on previous occasions also, but this time I had different kinds of fishing experience. Prince Rupert is renowned worldwide for the quality fishing experience. I created great memories here.

I had no idea about fishing locations where Salmons may be found in large numbers. The team of experienced fishing guides helped me to choose the areas and brought me closer to the fishing places. Fishing guides and charter proved a great help for me since the expert guides on the board were aware of fishing locations or special water locations where salmon would be found in large numbers. I enjoyed some huge catches without expanding anything. The team of guides on board could cater to various interests of the fishermen. On the board, I made some real friends, and this is also a positive side of my fishing trip. It is impressive to see how the experienced guides cater to various interest levels whether you are a starter or a veteran in fishing.

I clicked amazing photos of mammals like humpback whales, seals, and other creatures. When on the charter board, I had magnificent views of sea mammals like porpoises, humpback whales, and sea lions. My charter guide also taught me various techniques of fishing that may be used in the future. They helped me to catch fishes and also cleaned them for me. I got to know about the locations where there is the storehouse of fishes. I also cruised some of the remote areas, and so I can say that my entire fishing trip was thrilling and full of adventure. I am planning to take up another trip very soon.